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I am planning to start a blog on this site. When I don't know yet... time permitting, I guess. But as I came across an interesting free tool being offered I thought I mentioned it here already:

Free Camtasia Screen Capture Tool: Make Videos

November 20, 2007

I read in an email today that the Camtasia Studio 3 software can be grabbed for free. I paid a couple of hunderd dollars for that software about a year and a half ago! Techsmith, the creator of this software, is promoting its new version 5 of the software and decided to reach a whole new audience by giving away the old version for free. So, if you want to record video tutorials or presentations from your screen, integrate it into Powerpoint, and more: keep on reading:

Sorry - PC only. Not for Mac users :o(

I don't know how long Techsmith will keep this offer up, so act fast! This is what you have to do (these are not affiliate links; I do not get a commission for this):

  1. Download the your free version of Camtasia Studio 3 here now. A file called camtasiaf.exe will pop up; save it onto your desktop or another location on your PC where you can find it easily.
  2. Go to this promotion page, complete your name, country and e-mail address and Techsmith will send you the software key to unlock the program almost instantly.
  3. Just install the program you downloaded from step 1 above and then enter the software key you received in that email from Techsmith and you'll have a fully working version of Camtasia Studio 3 on your PC.

Techsmith will offer you an upgrade to their new version 5. If you are interested, the upgrade of $149 is a savings of $150 off of the full price of $299. But, you don't have to upgrade to version 5.  If you want to stay with your FREE version of Camtasia Studio 3 will still continue to work.

Again: use this tip ASAP, if you're interested.  I have no idea how long the offer may remain available. And if it is no longer available then you can always go with the open source alternative: Camstudio.

Tutorials: How To Create Professional Video Tutorials

Want to quickly learn how to use this software? There are a lot of free tutorials on  Techsmith's website, but this inexpensive PDF document (USD 9.95) will show you how to:

  1. Create slick, professional video tutorials. The kind that make for happy customers who buy from you again and again.
  2. Avoid the nasty amateur voiceovers that make customers cringe and ask for refunds. With the easy plan in this Recipe, you'll have a great narration that gets the instruction across in a way that makes for customers who'll come back for more.
  3. Produce professional-looking title clips to start each video off right.  Impress your customers with a veneer of expertise.
  4. Assemble a hot demo video to place on You Tube. Nothing like a good pre-sell to pump your sales up and bring cash flowing in.

If you are interested I recommend you visit this promotion page. The file contains quick instructions on how to make a good tutorial. This can be used for Camtasi, but also for other screenrecording software such as Camstudio.

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Has The Offer Been Pulled? Questions?

Did you follow the link and has the offer been pulled by Techsmith? Do you have other questions? Contact me today by completing the simple form.

Alternatively: Send an email to nardo [at]

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